Pediatric Advance Life Support

The PALS course provides knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently and effectively manage critically ill infants and children, resulting in improved outcomes. Skills taught include: recognition and treatment of infants and children at risk for cardiopulmonary arrest, the systematic approach to pediatric assessment, effective respiratory management, defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion, intraosseous access and fluid bolus administration, and effective resuscitation team dynamics.


Advanced Cardiac Life Support

ACLS covers clinical interventions for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest and other life threatening medical emergencies. The course teaches management of the patient’s airway, initiation of IV access, ability to read and interpret electrocardiograms, and emergency pharmacology. Other subject matter considers rhythm recognition and interventions, acute stroke and coronary syndromes, and the use of automated defibrillators.




Emergency Medical Technician

An EMT is an emergency responder who is responsible for the care, treatment and transportation of injured patients. Course instruction covers patient assessment and management of medical, behavioral, trauma, obstetric, infant, and child emergencies.




CPR ~ First Aid

Limon Ambulance offers basic instruction in CPR and First Aid programs to schools, churches, boy/girl scouts groups, and community education centers. Additional training and injury prevention can be added to prepare you to respond to common and life-threatening emergencies such as: obstructed airway, heart attack, stroke, seizures, shock, diabetic emergencies, bleeding, burns, eye & nose injuries, animal & insect bites, poisoning, fractures, and sprains.