Rob Handley, RN, MICN – Director

Rob has been the EMS Director for the Limon Ambulance since 2007.  He began with the service in 2004.  He trained at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center and had worked as a Critical Care and Emergency Room Nurse for over 20 years.  Rob has worked in everything from Level 1 University Trauma Centers to the 2-bed community Hospital ERs’ in L.A. and Denver.  He took his first EMT –“A” course in 1980 in Los Angeles.  He has worked through major events including the ’92 LA Riots and ’94 Northridge Earthquake. 


 Rob has represented the Limon Ambulance Service and the "Rural Perspective" on many councils and committees throughout the State for many years.  He is well-known as a passionate advocate for Rural EMS and the rural communities in Eastern Colorado.  He was awarded the EMS Administrator of the year by the Plains to Peaks RETAC.  He is responsible for securing well over $1,000,000 in grant funds over the past 10 years.  


He has championed establishing a full-time Advanced Life Support Service for the Limon and the surrounding areas.  He has elevated Emergency Medical Care to an all-time high for the region.  He truly believes in the system... not just using it, but participating in it.  He is passionate about elevating EMS in the rural areas, where it is really needed!