Limon Ambulance Service

2015 Colorado Ambulance

Service of the Year

Mission Statement


The primary mission of Limon Ambulance Service is to provide efficient, high-quality emergency medical care and safe transportation to a medical facility for any resident or visitor to our community.


We will commit to being a resource for education of the public on issues about emergency care. We will create a safe working environment that encourages continuing education and the achievement of personal goals while continually striving to accomplish our primary mission.


By working together; remaining well organized and committed to quality, Membership participation, and continuous improvement; we can best meet the challenges of the future.


Ambulance Services

Limon Ambulance Service provides emergency medical services including 911 response, scheduled and unscheduled emergency inter-facility transfers, and critical care inter-facility transfer services throughout Eastern Colorado.


We also provide ALS mutual aid to neighboring agencies in Lincoln, Elbert, Kit Carson, Cheyenne & Washington Counties.


Ambulance Staffing

Advanced Life Support (ALS) throughout the county and staffed 24/7/365  - providing much needed ALS care in the rural eastern plains of Colorado.



Limon Ambulance was awarded the 2015 Ambulance Service of the Year

Award by the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado

and the Colorado Department of Public health and Environment