Aaron Williams - Paramedic

Aaron came on board the Limon Ambulance Service in 2013 as our youngest member.  He told us that he wanted to become a Paramedic... He displayed great aptitude, maturity, and dedication, so we took him seriously and sent him to Paramedic School!  He excelled the whole way through Paramedic School and graduated at the top of his class.  He now works as one of our full-time Paramedics and does a great job!  He has proven that he has what it takes to help people through their worst day!  His time off is spent working with high school kids - teaching them outdoor skills and canyoneering.  We are proud to have Aaron as one of our Paramedics!  

Jessica Horwitz, Paramedic

Jess comes to us as a graduate of the Denver Health Paramedic Program, one of the highest intensity training programs in the country.    She has a Master's degree in Geology, specializing in Uranium.  Jess brings a feminine touch to the crew while still being able to work in austere situations.  Her husband Wes, is a Ph.D. Geologist as well and teaches at the Colorado School of Mines.  Jess is a valuable part of our Paramedic Cadre!