Lynette  Richards~ EMT

Lynette comes to us from Stratton. Lynette lives in Stratton. She comes to Limon to volunteer her time serving our community. She is an EMT but working towards the EMT Intermediate which will allow for an advanced life support skills.

Wes Buchanan ~ First Responder / Driver

Wes started being a First Responder with LAS in March 2018.  He is originally from Tennessee but now lives in Englewood, CO.  He joined LAS to help the community and spend some more time with his wife, Paramedic Jessica Horwitz.  When he is not out in Limon, he spends his time studying geology at the Colorado School of Mines.


Lisa Winter~ EMT Student

Lisa is currently waiting to take her National EMT test.  Lisa was an EMT with Limon Ambulance years ago, we are happy to have her back working to serve the community.


Kayla Jaques ~ EMT

Kayla  joined the Service in April of 2008.  She completed her EMT training last year and is now a certified EMT.    She is our primary CPR instructor and has taught many classes for the LAS and community.  She represents the LAS at the Lincoln County Healthcare Coalition and works as a medical assistant at Peak Vista Community Health Center. 

Billie Given ~ EMT

Billie has been with the Service since October of 2002 and is our most senior EMT.  Her flowery personality makes her the perfect fit for ‘Master of Ceremonies” at all Limon Ambulance parties and functions.  She is married to Bill, our I.T. Guru. Billie aspires to become a registered nurse and is studying hard toward that end.   She works fulltime at Lincoln Community Hospital.  

Dale Johnson ~ First Responder/Driver

Dale has been a First Responder with the Service since December of 1999.  He is one of the most dedicated volunteers that Limon has ever had.  He simply doesn’t know how to say "no."  When called upon, day or night, fair weather or storms, Dale will drop everything and come in and help out.  He was awarded First Responder of the Year in 2008 by the Plains to Peaks RETAC, an honor well deserved. When thinking of Dale, we all know that he is all heart and a super-committed volunteer!

Peggy Sue Rosler ~ EMT

Peggy Sue joined the Service in September of 2002.  She has served as a Field Training Instructor and been  responsible for training new personnel.  She is highly involved at every level and is relied upon heavily in planning and training. 

Peggy Sue was awarded EMT of the Year in 2010 by the Plains to Peaks RETAC.  She was chosen as the LAS Volunteer of the Quarter in 2008. 

Joe Rosler ~ EMT

Joe has been with the Service since 2014.  He was born and raised in Limon and is well known in the Community. Joe is no stranger to service.  His wife is an EMT, and many of his extended family members serve our community as well.

Cianne Shinee~ EMT 
Born and raised in Colorado. Decided to move to Limon to get away from the big city. She has Has 2 boys and another baby on the way. Cianne wants to be an EMT because I love helping people.

Bill Given – Driver

I.T. manager – all-around genius

Bill has been with the LAS since October 31, 2002.  Since then, he has proven himself to be invaluable to the Service. 

Bill serves as a Driver/First Responder and our Information Technology Manager.  He spends 60-80 hours a month keeping our computers working, managing the maintenance records on our ambulance fleet, and fixing just about anything that needs fixing!  Bill has been instrumental in just about every project we have done – like building our storage room, remodeling our Crew Quarters and remodeling our main office dayroom.  Without Bill, the place would fall apart!

Bill was recognized as LAS “Volunteer of the Quarter” in 2008.  He was recognized as the 2009 First Responder of the Year by the Plains to Peaks RETAC and by the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado.


Sue LaCrue ~ Auxillary Member and Cook

Sue has been with the Service since 1999.  Sue is a true volunteer – never hesitating to step forward and help out.  Sue loves cooking and is responsible for putting additional pounds on the crew whenever possible.  Sue has been actively involved in planning events for the Service.

Caren Wetter ~ EM T

Caron has been with the Service since March of 2001.  She was an EMT in Nebraska for many years, and last year became an EMT in Colorado.

Caron is one of the most dedicated volunteers we have.  She works all night at the hospital and then turns around and takes call shifts during the day when needed – ‘when needed’ means all the time!  She was recognized by the Plains to Peaks RETAC as the 2011 First Responder of the Year.   

Tanner Hilferty ~ EMT 
Tanner Hilferty has been with the Service since 2015.  He is a graduate of the LAS EMS Academy.  Tanner is quick to volunteer his time and has proven himself a big asset to the Service and the Community.
Linda Handley ~ EMT 
Linda has always wanted to be in the health profession. Being an EMT allows her to serve the community and help those in need. Linda is also the wife of the director Rob Handley.  She is excited to graduate from the EMT class to start providing a higher level of care to those she encounters.